After lots of research I was so glad to come across the Basma Hameed Clinic. Their work is flawless, it’s unbelievable! Thank you :)
— Natalie Halcro, WAGS on E!

Today I got semi-permanent eyebrows done at the Basma Hameed Clinic. I was always afraid to get it done but now that I did I couldn’t be happier! My eyebrows are now perfectly symmetrical. They designed a perfect brow for my face shape. It was completely painless and I felt so relaxed that I actually fell asleep while getting them done!
— Ashley Callingbull, Mrs. Universe

I think everyone has experienced a bad eyebrow shaping at least once in their lifetime, and so when considering permanent makeup as a permanent solution to the problem, the possibility of a bad procedure should always be a concern. This is why I only trust my face with Basma Hameed who happens to be my best friend. She is quite literally the best in the business. I definitely had an advantage when making my decision because I know her history, I know her training, I’ve seen all her work, and most importantly I know about her God-given natural ability to recognize the perfect shape for every individuals face. Time after time she utilizes the full potential of every clients face and creates stunning results.

I entered the Miss Universe Canada Pageant for the first time in June of 2010 and came up as top 5 in all of Canada. During this time, (and also on a day-to-day basis) I consistently hear how beautiful my eyebrows are, and of course I’m always more than happy to credit Basma for her wonderful work.

Her work is so clean and so flawless that when I tell people they’re tattooed, people are constantly shocked. Even makeup artists have been fooled by her work while working on me during photo-shoots!

Its so convenient for the everyday when you don’t want want to wear makeup, or if you’re a busy person, or if you just prefer to let your skin breathe. If you’re a swimmer/beach person like me who still wants to look flawless in and out of the water, this is another reason why it’s such a brilliant way to keep from having your makeup melt away in an instant.

If I can recommend any simple, painless, life-changing procedure to anyone, it would definitely be permanent makeup, BUT ONLY when done by the best!
— Zahra Al-Aubiydy

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