My Story

Basma Hameed, CEO

Basma Hameed, CEO


Dear Reader,

When I was only two a horrible accident left me with severe burns on forty percent of my face. Throughout my childhood, I underwent surgery after surgery with the hopes of softening and erasing my facial scarring. But at one point, I was told that there was nothing more that modern medicine could do for me; that the scarring on half of my face would be as good as it gets.

I was determined not to give up hope. At 17, I started to experiment with permanent makeup and micro-pigment implantation on myself. I eventually perfected a technique that changed my life and one that I knew had the potential to help so many others.

Seeing the amazing results and experiencing first-hand the emotional healing that came with merging how I looked with how I felt drove me to start this business to help others feel the same way.

I was young, and many in the medical field initially dismissed me simply because of that. The challenges were stacked against me, but I persevered with the goal of bringing my procedure and techniques to those in need around the world motivating me in the face of every roadblock.

Although soon enough, word about my ground-breaking work spread and I was being approached by news outlets like CNN, CBC, The Doctors and The Huffington Post to share my story and revolutionary technique. Slowly but surely, my dream of helping others like myself was becoming a reality. I was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in Canada, which ultimately led to establishing myself and Basma Hameed Clinics through years of experience perfecting state-of-the-art techniques, colour artistry, symmetry guidelines, and the attention to fine detail that is synonymous with myself and BHC.

Now almost 15 years later, after I personally lay down the foundation for the Basma Hameed Clinics, I am confident that we will continue to grow and help people all over the world. I have personally hand-selected and trained all of the professionals that work at any Basma Hameed Clinic to ensure that they share the same passion and drive for helping others as I do.

Looking back, I think what set me apart was my personal investment in each client. It was never just about a technique or a procedure, it was about listening to people’s stories, showing them that I know what they are going through and that I genuinely care.

With an ever-growing team by my side full of compassion and dedication, I am confident that the BHC team can achieve my mission of helping people match their inner beauty to what they see on the outside.