Permanent Makeup

Overview of permanent makeup

Looking good and feeling good are strikingly different facets, although they're linked in a significant way. The Basma Hameed Clinic offers a variety of safe and natural-looking permanent makeup options that will help you look and feel your best.

Permanent Makeup .jpg

At the Basma Hameed Clinic, we take the phrase “I woke up like this” to a whole new level. With several customized permanent makeup options, we can enhance your natural beauty and help you avoid the hassle of re-applying makeup each and every day. We use only the finest grade pigments to achieve your perfectly symmetrical desired look. For each of our services, our expertly-trained technicians:

  • take measurements of the area on your face to be treated

  • customize a design that best suits you

  • customize a blend of colours to match or compliment your natural skin tone/pigment


You are left with subtle and natural-looking definition that enhances your appearance.


Eyebrow2 .jpg

permanent eyebrows

With over a decade of experience, love and passion for reshaping eyebrows, Basma Hameed has truly earned the title for the "Ultimate Eyebrow Guru”. She believes that even the best of features can be overlooked when eyebrows are incorrectly shaped.


permanent eyeliner/lash enhancement

BHC also offers permanent eyeliner and lash line enhancement to give your eyes a dramatic fullness even without mascara or false lashes.


Permanent Lip2.jpg

permanent lip colour

Wake up with the perfect pout every day. Permanent lip shading and lip liner are excellent ways to enhance the shape of your lip, or change the shape altogether!