Scar Camouflage


The name Basma Hameed is synonymous with quality. We believe in personalized care by expertly trained medical professionals. You can trust that at the Basma Hameed Clinic, you will receive high-quality care, one-on-one attention and a clear treatment plan that is customized to your own special needs.




Surgical Scars

Scars are often a physical marker of trauma.  And while coming to terms with your past is an important part of healing, the professionals at the Basma Hameed Clinics understand that the more satisfied you are with the way you look, the more likely you will be able to heal the unseen emotional scars associated with the trauma.



The Basma Hameed Clinics have developed a specific technique aimed to correct and treat the stretch marks. Over a series of treatments, our senior technicians will work to implant natural pigments into the tissue, improving the colour and visibility of the stretch marks.  


Paramedical micro-pigment implantation is safe for all types of birthmarks. Though birthmarks can vary in forms such as moles, cafe-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots, salmon patches, and port wine stains among others, any of these vascular or pigmented birthmarks can be safely erased no matter where they are located on the face or body.


hair restoration

Micro-pigment implantation is a procedure developed for hair restoration for both men and women. Using the same technology as BHC's unique re-pigmentation procedures, our senior technicians are able to customize a pigment colour that mimics your natural hair colour.


At Basma Hameed Clinics, the treatment of burns is a two-part process. Burn scar tissue, of any degree or severity, often leads to both discoloured skin and thickened tissue so our unique technique addresses both factors to help the healing process.